My "Why?"

Old school chase-selling is dead. 

This may sound like a bold statement, but after over 15 years experience in B2B sales and marketing leadership roles in multinational corporates such as SONY, Canon, 3M and CSC, plus years of successful coaching and advisory engagements with SMEs and mid-market business owners, and as the author of 5-star rated business book "The OneTEAM Method", I have come to this conclusion:

I believe that businesses of any size now need to offer their customers a superior BUYING experience to differentiate themselves and to achieve sustainable top and bottom line growth.


"Get More Customers."

This is my simple motto.


Structured Sales Processes have always been important to B2B business success. Now, more than ever, it is vital that your Sales Processes align with the way that modern Customers now want to buy.
Be a Customer Magnet.
— Peter Strohkorb, Founder and CEO

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 Be A Customer Magnet

Be A Customer Magnet


What My Clients Say...

Brent Clark.jpg
Following your Method, we achieved the same revenue in two weeks, as we did in our previous six months!
— Brent Clark, CEO, Wattblock
Claire Clayton.jpg
We are absolutely inundated with leads and assignments.
— Claire Clayton, Co-Managing Director at Blue Seed Consulting
Martin Conboy.jpg
If you want battle-tested, sound, practical advice for your sales, then look no further than Peter Strohkorb.
— Martin Conboy, Company Director and Investor

So, How Does Your Current Sales Process Stack Up?


Is it inward-looking, or is it customer-focused? 
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Discover the Smarketing® Difference

Are you still competing in a blood red ocean where most businesses think this: "We have all these products. How can we sell them?"

Now imagine moving into a clear blue ocean where your attitude is different from the rest: "We have all these prospects. How can we help them to buy from us?"

The difference is Smarketing, i.e. the alignment of sales, marketing and customer experience to attract, win and keep more customers.



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