This Is How Your Customers Now Buy. What Are You Doing About It?


My clients tell me that there are three big inhibitors to their Revenue Growth:

  1. Not enough Sales Pipeline

  2. Not reaching The Right Contacts

  3. Not connecting on Value

To restore Healthy Sales Growth I show my clients how to move away from pushy "We have these Products. How can we sell them?"
To solving Customer Problems "We have all these Prospects. How can we help them to buy from us?"

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What My Clients Say...

Brent Clark.jpg
Following your Method, we achieved the same revenue in two weeks, as we did in our previous six months!
— Brent Clark, CEO, Wattblock
Claire Clayton.jpg
We are absolutely inundated with leads and assignments.
— Claire Clayton, Co-Managing Director at Blue Seed Consulting
Martin Conboy.jpg
If you want battle-tested, sound, practical advice for your sales, then look no further than Peter Strohkorb.
— Martin Conboy, Company Director and Investor