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Peter Strohkorb

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About Peter Strohkorb

Peter speaks internationally at conferences, corporate events and on promotional occasions. He is also a guest lecturer in the Executive MBA Program at the internationally acclaimed Sydney Business School.

During nearly 20 years in executive sales and marketing roles for some of the largest brands on the planet Peter has gained unique insight into how Sales and Marketing people interact, or, rather how they do not.

This experience has fired a passion in him and it led him to develop the OneTEAM Method to eradicate the problem of poor Sales+Marketing Collaboration.

Over the years he has accumulates a wealth of insights that he regularly shares with his audiences.

Some of his observations are comical, some are tragic, and some are frankly unbelievable.

If your audience has an interest in Sales and Marketing then Peter is the right man for your event or function. 


  • Keynote Speaker
  • Presenter
  • Executive MBA Guest Lecturer
  • MC
  • Facilitator
  • Expert Panelist
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Business Consultant, see Peter Strohkorb Consulting 

Peter Strohkorb and Steve

Speaking Engagements

8th May, Sydney

14th May, Sydney

19th June, Sydney  (sorry, sold out)

30th July, Melbourne

12th August, Brisbane

9th September, Perth

Peter Strohkorb
Peter Strohkorb


“ The Attract, Grow and Retain Leadership Forum was a resounding success. Special note of thank you must go out to our industry panel guest Peter Strohkorb. The contribution and insights provided by Peter on the day gave the leadership forum a relevance and practicality that all the delegates recognised. Peter thank you for your significant contribution.”

 Gabriel Tsavaris, Managing Director, The Master Venture Group (TMVG), Sydney, Australia

"It was very informative and engaging, I loved it"  

Audience participant at the business launch of Beyond A Joke, a not-for-profit organization to support victims of bullying. Peter was the MC and keynote speaker.

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