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Peter Strohkorb with Steve

Peter Strohkorb with Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple

Peter Strohkorb's Speaking Engagements in 2014

25th February 2014, Sydney, Australia

11th March 2014, Sydney, Australia

15th April, Melbourne, Australia

26th July 2014, Wollongong, Australia

25th September 2014, Chicago, USA

8th October 2014, Sydney, Australia

11th November 2014, Sydney, Australia

19th November 2014, Sydney, Australia

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Peter Strohkorb

Popular Expert Panel Member

Popular Executive MBA Guest Lecturer (this picture was taken at the Sydney Business School)

Engaging Presenter


Evocative Speaker

Popular  MBA Guest Lecturer (this picture on the right was taken at the University of Wollongong, Australia)

Sought-after conference MC


Engaging round-table discussion leader

Peter Strohkorb

Considered Subject Matter Expert


"Peter gave the EyeforPharma conference his own personal style, making the two days very enjoyable. Particularly, revealing a small personal detail about the speakers made the audience feel more connected. "

EyeforPharma conference attendee.

" The Attract, Grow and Retain Leadership Forum was a resounding success. Special note of thank you must go out to our industry panel guest Peter Strohkorb. The contribution and insights provided by Peter on the day gave the leadership forum a relevance and practicality that all the delegates recognised. Peter thank you for your significant contribution.”

 Gabriel Tsavaris, CEO, The Master Venture Group (TMVG), Sydney, Australia

"It was informative and Peter was very engaging, I loved it"  

Audience participant at the business launch of Beyond A Joke, a not-for-profit organization to support victims of bullying. Peter was the MC and keynote speaker.