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Do you suffer from WeWe Syndrome?

When sales reps and marketers introduce their companies they invariably start with “We are...” and “We do...”, instead of: “Our customers tell us that we (insert value proposition here).”
So, when will you do something about your WeWe Syndrome?


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If you want battle-tested, sound, practical advice for your sales teams , then look no further than Peter Strohkorb.
— Martin Conboy, Company Director and Investor


Did you know that Peter Strohkorb is an expert in Value Propositions and USPs?

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Peter enabled me to get laser clarity and language around our purpose and our value proposition.
— Peter Boyd, CEO at Care In The Cloud
We are absolutely inundated with leads and assignments.
— Claire Clayton, Co-Managing Director at Blue Seed Consulting

What Do Peter's Clients Say?

- He elevates their sales by 5-500% (depending on their size)
- He gives them visible results within just a few weeks
- He typically returns more than 10-times their investment in him

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What About A Performance Guarantee?


Peter is passionate about lifting both your business' and your personal performance by helping you to focus on your (ideal) customers.
He has unique methods to first assess and then improve your particular situation. Peter's clients have experienced significant growth and business success. 
You could be next. Ask how he guarantees performance. Contact Peter today:


What Does Peter Offer? 

  • Practical sales and marketing advice that really works to boost your revenue and profits
  • Global reach and perspective: Peter's advisory and coaching are available worldwide to groups and individuals, in-person and online
  • Effective solutions to solve your sales and marketing challenges
  • Fast, effective business transformation to take your business t the next level
  • Vast experience to help grow your business
  • An approachable and engaging style that makes it easy to deal with Peter
  • An extensive network of useful business contacts for you to leverage

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