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Peter enabled me to get laser clarity and language around our purpose and our value proposition.
— Peter Boyd, CEO at Care In The Cloud

Skills & Capabilities

If you want battle-tested, sound, practical advice for your sales teams , then look no further than Peter Strohkorb.
— Martin Conboy, Company Director and Investor

Marketing Transformation

We are absolutely inundated with leads and assignments.
— Claire Clayton, Managing Director at BlueSeed Consulting

The 10 Customer Touch Points
That Make Or Break A Business...


Which of these could do with extra care in your business?


Peter Offers You... 

  • Practical advice that really works to grow revenue
  • Effective solutions to your sales challenges
  • Fast, effective business transformation support
  • Vast experience to grow your business
  • An approachable and engaging style
  • An extensive network of useful business contacts
  • Global reach as Peter's advisory and coaching sessions can be delivered worldwide to groups or individuals, in person and online


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Australia: +61 2 8072 0670   USA: +1 214-237-2903

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Why Peter ?

Executives on three continents value Peter's unique insight and perspective. Peter helps them to see things more clearly, to make better decisions, and to ask his input on their more 'difficult' questions.
His personable style, awesome insight and probing questions, as well as his extensive international network of very useful senior business contacts are what attracts business owners and executives to Peter's program. 

Peter was featured as only one of five world experts in Sales & Marketing and his LinkedIn Group was voted into the Top 5 LinkedIn Groups for Sales Enablement. 

Peter is an internationally acclaimed 5-star author, featured in the media and speaks internationally at conferences and corporate events.



    Australia: +61 2 8072 0670   USA: +1 214-237-2903

    Peter's USA-Clients Say... (video)

    Todd Stewardson.jpg
    Bill Hatch.jpg
    Peter has been extremely influential in the growth and expansion of my business. His ability to quickly assess and advise on situational opportunities has allowed me to thrive. I have come to depend on Peter’s mentorship and guidance.
    — Todd Stewardson, EVP and Advisory Board Member, San Francisco, USA
    Some Executives seem unapproachable. Not Peter. Seriously, he calls from Australia and takes precious time in order to get you started on the right path. He gave me my own Step #1, #2 and #3 so I would know whether my business idea “has legs” before I put money into it.
    I highly recommend Peter.
    — William Dilworth Hatch, VP Strategic Client Services The Titan Global Group, USA

    Peter's Australian Clients Say...

    Peter Boyd.jpg
    Peter is one of the best coaches around. “

    ”I was skeptical in investing time with Peter Strohkorb, but it was time well spent. And I’m sure it will be for you also.
    Peter enabled me to get laser clarity and language around our purpose and our value proposition. With over 30 years of experience in IT Business Development, it is easy for me to think I know it all. Peter is one of the best coaches around and I would strongly recommend having a discussion with Peter to see if there are any areas he can help you improve.
    — Peter Boyd, CEO, Care In The Cloud
    Iris Chan.jpg
    I engaged Peter as a consultant on optimizing the content of our website and experienced immense value from his in-depth expertise in customer-centricity.
    Within one session, Peter was able to thoroughly review our website and provide strategic, actionable guidance on how to further enhance its content, structure and messaging that would enable us to achieve higher levels of resonance with our target customers.
    Peter’s methodical and analytical approach helped us to arrive at our desired objectives from the session.
    I recommend sales, marketing or CX leaders driving customer-centricity in their organization to work with Peter so they can take things to the next level!
    — Iris Chan, Chief Marketing Officer, FusionGrove
    Martin Conboy.jpg
    If you want battle-tested, sound, practical advice for your sales teams , then look no further than Peter Strohkorb.
    He is one of those rare individuals who can provide clarity and get to the essence of sales challenges, right off the bat.
    — Martin N. Conboy, Company Director and Investor
    Prosun Ghosh.jpg
    Peter’s concept is SMARKETING which I applied to an $80 mil business deal that we won and I attribute a lot to Peter.
    He comes across as a person who (a) thinks beyond his time; (b) appreciates working across cultures, and (c) is well conversant to mentoring me when it comes to leadership, growth and selling.
    — Prosun G, Business Head, Cognizant, APAC
    Ann Pocock.jpg
    I recommend Peter as a business coach and personal mentor.
    When I found myself at a particular juncture in my career, Peter went out of his way to support me with his advice and guidance.
    — Ann Pocock, Marketing Manager Asia Pacific, Accenture
    Justin Gale.jpg
    I have worked with Peter and found it an enjoyable and beneficial experience.
    He has both provided guidance and challenged my point of view which has ultimately assisted in growing my business.
    — Justin Gale, Managing Director, Ventiv Technologies, APAC
    Andrew Bremner.jpg
    Peter’s insights, knowledge and contacts are really valuable to my business and to me personally.
    — Andrew Bremner, Managing Director, Sherpa Insurance
    Huw Thomas.jpg
    Peter has given us clarity to take our products and services to market so that clients perceive greater value immediately. Peter also added great value to me personally.
    He goes above and beyond, I highly recommend connecting with Peter!
    — Huw Thomas, Partner, Blue Seed Consulting
    Michael Lifson.jpg
    Peter is a terrific mentor and his coaching has been of great benefit to me. His insightful questions and direct feedback are a breath of fresh air. He has also shared with me his Permission-Based Selling model which helped me gain clarity on my own value proposition and goals.
    — Michael Lifson, Founder and CEO, TimesEight