Are you in Sales?
Do you want to accelerate your sales success quickly,
without spending a lot of time or money?

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My Philosophy is about Selling, without being overly "Salesy"

It's about engaging your Buyer in a conversation about value
It's about helping your Buyer to make an informed decision to buy - from you
It's about gaining your Buyer's permission to sell to them
It's about learning effective sales acceleration techniques that you can use immediately, without spending much time or money
In fact, my online courses take only about 30 minutes and cost no more than US$50
Most importantly: They Work!

You are in Good Hands

What it's About

Course 1 (FREE)

What is my personal purpose?

A FREE interactive course to help you (re-)discover your personal motivations and to get to know how my online learning courses work for you. Spend 15 minutes to see what gets you out of bed every morning.

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Course 2

Your 7-Figure Sales Introduction

If you use this course well, you'll be on your way to achieving a 7-figure sales revenue, too. This one is for the TOP of your pipeline and it possibly is THE most important course in this series. Discover to immediately engage with a new Prospect or Buyer, to capture their attention and gain their permission to sell to them, all in your first sentence! Discover your 7-Figure Sales Introduction and explode your sales pipeline!

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Course 3

How to eliminate your competitors

This is for the MIDDLE of your pipeline. Learn how to unblock your sales pipeline by positioning yourself on your Buyer's side and eliminating your competitors in one master stroke.

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Course 4

How To Get Your Sales Proposals To Convert $$

This is for the BOTTOM of your pipeline. The Prospect has finally asked for a sales proposal. Now what is the best course of action for you to take? Find out the three simple techniques that keep you in control of your sales process at this critical stage.

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Prefer Live Training?

You'll love my Permission Based Selling Masterclass

You and your team will learn sales acceleration techniques for the top, middle and bottom of your sales funnels:

  1. How to create active interest and gain the Buyers' immediate permission to sell to them
  2. How to introduce your Business and make it clear why Buyers should buy from you, and only you
  3. How to get Buyers to actively want to know more about your businesst
  4. How to take out sales objections proactively
  5. How to position yourself as an adviser and putting yourself, psychologically speaking, on the same side of the negotiating table as your Buyer
  6. How to give the Buyer a personal emotional reason to buy from only you


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