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In my highly interactive live sales training and coaching program you and your team will learn sales acceleration techniques to fill your pipeline and to speed up your sales at the top, middle and bottom of your sales funnels:

  1. Your Unique Value Proposition: How you can draw in the immediate interest of the Buyer right from your first contact and have them give you their permission to sell to them
  2. Your Competitive Advantage: How you can eliminate your competitors and and up the last seller standing
  3. Pro-active Objection Handling: How you can eliminate your Buyer's buying objections even before they voice any
  4. Trusted Advisor: How you can position yourself on your Buyer's side as their trusted business partner
  5. Personal Connection: How you can give your Buyer a personal and emotional reason to buy from You and only You
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What Clients Say…

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I engaged Peter to run a Sales Acceleration Techniques workshop for my sales and marketing teams.
Peter was fantastic and very engaging and captivating.
The feedback from the team was that they greatly valued Peter’s customer-centricity message as he managed to get them away from thinking of our products and services first and instead start to think about the business impact and the consequences on people that our technology has, both on our customers and on the customers customers.
My team is now equipped and motivated for more senior-level business conversations and to think “customer-first”. Personally, I am happy to hear the conversations starting with “you” and not “I” or “we”. Our new skills set and the selling tools that Peter gave us will surely bear fruit in our future sales results. Thank you Peter.
— Meri Malena Kukkonen, Sales Director, Software & Services at Elcom
Meri Kukkonen, Sales Director at Elcom

Meri Kukkonen, Sales Director at Elcom