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Client Testimonials

Hundreds of people just like you have already benefited from my sales acceleration techniques.
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— Brent Clark, CEO at Wattblock, Australia:

”Thanks to Peter we were able to improve our margins, move into a higher customer segment and record the same amount of sales revenue in two weeks that had previously taken us 6 months to generate.”

— Alice Heiman, Founder and CEO, Alice Heiman LLC, USA:

”I highly recommend Peter’s clever sales techniques that you can use when meeting new people, writing a proposal or even searching for a new job. Too many business people attend events, trade shows and conferences and stumble when introducing themselves. People ask them what they do and they start with, “Uhh, I . . .” If you are out networking anywhere, I presume you’d like to make a good impression and help people understand who you are and what you do in a way that makes them think, “Wow,” and then say, “How do you do that?” But most people waste this valuable opportunity and make a bad impression, or worse, no impression at all. Being an expert at this sort of thing, I was very interested in what Peter was offering with his new program. I’m quite good at coming up with what to say to introduce myself, but now, thanks to Peter, I have a killer business introduction to launch my new book. Thank you, Peter!”

— Matthew Cowan, Founder and CEO, Cowan Prospecting, Philippines:

”My business is a boutique B2B lead generation business, so the irony is not lost on me that I needed help with how best to introduce myself in a cold-call scenario, or at a networking event. Peter Strohkor showed me how to see my business from our clients’ perspective and to clearly and succinctly describe the benefits that we deliver in their terms. Thanks to Peter I now have a single introductory sentence that starts a business conversation with my target audience. Peter then went on to show me how I can give the decision maker a uniquely personal reason to buy from me, as opposed to my competitors. As a result of using this new approach my team is having more consultative conversations and is generating higher quality leads. Peter's method works very well, and I highly recommend anyone in business to take a closer look at what Peter has to offer.”

— Andrew Bremner, Managing Director at Sherpa Compliance and Sherpa Insurance, Australia:

”I have known Peter for years but have only recently engaged him to help us. As our offering is not well understood we struggled to articulate it well, including providing a compelling reason for our customers to act now. Even with my typical personal enthusiasm and warmth, our offering appeared bland, long-winded and more like a “nice to have”, rather than a critical part of an organisation’s risk management armory. Peter walked us through his process, including creating a new Value Proposition, his new Sales Introduction, his Objection Avoidance technique, and so much more. The outcome was far better than we expected as it focuses us on the actual benefits to the Buyers, all the way from the macro to the personal level - rather than “here are the legal ramifications when things go wrong... blah”. In fact, it has revitalised our entire approach how we target our prospects. Thank you Peter, you have over-delivered for us!”

— Catherine Reynolds, Executive Director, Red Dog Venture Partners, Australia:

”Peter is a real eye opener... so many companies and executives get tied up in knots creating and tinkering with their USP, focusing almost exclusively on “inward looking “ principles around the why, what and how . Peter provides clever sales techniques that enables anyone to quickly and succinctly develop intriguing USPs for every audience by providing profound insight into what drives the individual salesperson and really captures the interest of their prospect. This is invaluable for my business and for my clients.. Thank you Peter!”

— Bill Carson, Founder and Director, Inspire Learning Australia:

”Peter’s system is very effective at assisting anyone to really fine tune their offerings to their market. I recommend it very highly. It assists any business professional to introduce their business to new prospects and clients. Peter’s system shows how to make introductions sound less salesy, and how to create that high degree of intrigue in the buyer’s mind that just makes them want to know more about what we can offer. If you are in business you just have to experience Peter’s selling system for yourself!”

— Jonathan Clark CEO and Director of Power and Data Corporation, Australia:

”Peter took me through his selling method today. It really helped focus my thinking in moving from the traditional approach of promoting our product features, to promoting the business benefits in very clear terms that our prospects and customers will understand and value. I am confident that the new unique selling proposition (USP) that Peter gave us will increase our level of success in customer engagement impact, enabling us to further grow our sales.”

— Adrian Slater, CEO, EcoFi, Australia:

”A unique selling proposition (USP) that cuts through the noise and gains traction with your audience is vital to success, especially in a start-up business. Within a very short period of time Peter gave me the clarity I needed to introduce my business more effectively to my target market. Prospects now ask me to tell them more about my business and how I can help them. Thank you Peter Strohkorb!”

— Robert Watts, CCO Round Table Apps, Australia:

”I had the pleasure of working with Peter and it was a very insightful experience. I was challenged on what my business does, and since, I have had a much clearer vision of what I want to achieve. I highly recommend Peter to anyone looking to take their business forward in a smart way.”

— Tony Jacobson, Dynamic Sales and Marketing General Manager, Australia:

”Peter’s selling system is an indispensable business tool. It’s the first impression that counts, and Peter’s tool enables you to make the most of that essential first contact in a business relationship. By going through a short sequence of superbly formulated questions Peter was able to help me create a succinct and enticing introduction, enabling me to deliver my value proposition with confidence and most importantly, delivering the key elements in a structured and logical manner. Peter’s approach moves your mindset from introducing what you, or your company, does to introducing what value you, or your company, can add. It changed my life.”

— Rod Hogrefe, Business Adviser and Investor, Australia:

”One of the most critical things business people need to nail is their USP or Value Proposition, yet ironically, it’s the least understood and most poorly executed business fundamental. In sales everyone needs a great opening that tweaks their prospects curiosity about what you can do for them. Easier said than done. Value propositions are hard to create, however Peter Strohkorb has developed an insightful yet simple method that guides you through a series of questions to discover your own unique selling proposition, or, as Peter likes to say “your Million Dollar Sales Introduction”. I went through this process with Peter today and was very impressed! If you’re selling (internally, externally or looking for a new role/career), I highly recommend Peter to help you create your 7-Figure Sales Introduction.”

— Antony Dutton, Principal at Dutton Advisory, Australia:

”As an investor and business advisor, it is at times a challenge to break through the noise and to stand out from competitors, particularly when it comes to attracting new clients. Like many others, I used to introduce Dutton Advisory to prospects by what we do, but Peter Strohkorb’s clever sales techniques have given me a way to introduce myself and my firm in a way that speaks completely about the value that we deliver to our clients. Now I just have to say one sentence and prospects ask me to go on and tell them more about my firm. Peter's system really works!”

— Reyaz Jeffrey, Founder, Marketing Director at Creative Kiwi, Australia:

”At business meetings, we spend much of our time talking about our products, forgetting the very reason for our existence: The customer. We talk about why we are so good for them, paying little regard to their needs and without taking cognisance of the benefits and risks for them in using animated videos for their business. Peter, through his selling system, helped me identify Creative Kiwi’s value proposition from the customer perspective to understand their challenges and risks. Personally, I now feel much more confident to introduce Creative Kiwi at forums and workshops and I strongly recommend that you talk to Peter about what his unique process can do for you as well.”

— Matthew Grace, Strategic Implementation, Herbert Smith Freehills

”I experienced Peter’s selling method this week and I was really impressed. In just a sequence of questions the tool delivered an effective value proposition. It simply turns your thinking around to see the world from the perspective of your internal or external customers and gives you the words to make your case.”

— Jo Smail, Strategy Execution at Scentre Group (Owner and Operator of Westfield Group), Australia:

”Peter, thank you! Within one hour you have helped me turn my old value proposition into a shiny new one that has already resulted in new sales. It made me more confident to express the unique offer I bring to companies in their terms, but to negotiate the deal on my terms. Win win!”

— Lucky Singh - Inside Sales at Next DC, Australia:

”Until I came across Peter Strohkorb’s selling system I had been relying on selling just the product and service features. Peter showed me an entire new way of engaging with prospects and customers that is based on highlighting the business and personal benefits to the buyer. My new USP has elevated my conversations with prospects and clients to a whole new level and it has helped me to significantly differentiate our offering from that of our competitors. Thank you Peter Strohkorb!”

— Guy McPhee , Dell Environmental Partner Manager at GREENBOX Systems LLC, Australia:

”Peter’s selling service is amazing! In the space of one hour I had not only created a unique selling proposition (USP) that now makes me stand out from the crowd, but one that clearly highlights the value I bring to a prospect, client or employer. I recommend Peter’s services to anyone in sales, or, in fact, to anyone in business!”

— Jeremy Levy, COO, Witz Cybersecurity, Australia:

”Peter recently took me through his new selling service, and helped to create new Unique Selling Proposition (USP) messaging for one of our products. It now clearly differentiates us from our competitors and will help us to get in the door with prospects. I thoroughly recommend Peter’s selling service to help create and/or refine your sales messaging, too.”

— Peter Cridland, Senior Account Executive, Callidus Cloud, Australia:

”When introducing myself to a new prospect my opening line used to be something like: “I would like to discuss innovations in sales technology and the application and benefit to you and your business.” I hadn’t realised that I was telling my prospects what I wanted to do, instead of what outcomes I can deliver to them. It was about me, not them. Within one hour with Peter Strohkorb he changed my perspective and allowed me to become more customer-focused in my sales approaches. Peter gave me three powerful weapons with which to engage new clients: 1. My own Million-Dollar Sales Introduction, a highly engaging opening sentence that is all about what my prospects stand to gain from dealing with me 2. A unique way to pro-actively avoid sales objections while placing myself firmly on the same side of the negotiating table as my prospects 3. A personal and emotional reason for decision makers to buy from me, as opposed to from anyone else If you are in sales, I highly recommend you talk to Peter immediately!”

— Jenny Kahn, Facilitator, Consultant and Coach, Leadership & Organisational Development, Change Management, Career Transition Consultant, Australia:

”Peter showed me how to differentiate myself from other consultants and facilitators by switching my perspective from “what I do” to “what I achieve for my clients”. He does this by using an innovative tool he has developed that he calls Permission-Based Selling. This helped me to turn my value proposition into the words that are much more relevant to my clients and prospects.”

— John Scutt, Founder and CEO, Lindfield Partners, Australia:

”Recently, I have been working on my Lindfield Partners new business and digital marketing programs and felt I needed some outside expertise to tighten up my unique selling proposition (USP) for the Lindfield Partners business model. Peter and I workshopped my key USP questions and approach using his new business generator tools, he correctly identified that my approach needed some tightening up. The key was not to talk so much about our products and services but more about understanding the impact these products and services will have on a potential client. Even for experienced business advisors Peter will generate important tips or better approaches to optimise your new business programs. I have no hesitation in recommending Peter to help you improve the effectiveness of your new business/sales programs.”